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With each massage you get to enjoy the healing effect of the color light therapy. This provides an additional relaxation for both body and mind and allows for physical and/or emotional blockages to be released.
All massages are women only.

Massages cannot be booked online.
Would you like to book a massage? Feel free to contact me on 0470/39 55 99 or
and I will be happy to find a suitable time to book your experience.


    € 40 - 
    25 min
    With this short and powerful massage, we make sure that all tension in your back and shoulders disappear.
    This will make you feel completely relaxed.


    € 70 -60 min
    This relaxing body massage with heated oil ensures a complete relaxation of the body.


    € 80 -60 min

    Using the candle's abundantly nourishing beeswax will guarantee you a soothing and soft skin.
    The pleasant scents will make you feel completely relaxed.


    65 -40 min + 15min debriefing
    89 -60 min + 15 min debriefing
    This energetic massage of the back, hands and feet brings your energy and chakra system into balance, allowing you to experience a deep sence of relaxation, inner peace and a much better flow of your energy. The color light therapy promotes energy balancing and is therefore included in this massage.

    The Inner Balance Massage can help with hormonal disorders, fatigue, imbalance, tension and stress, overstimulation, emotional problems, restlessness, neck and back problems,...


    € 65 - 60 mins
    Are you often overthinking things and do you feel like you have lost touch with your Self? Do you regularly experience stress, anxiety or physical discomfort?
    Reiki helps you relax, both mentally and physically so that your life energy starts flowing again.
    This experience will help you reconnect with your Self.
    You can find more information about what Reiki can do for you here.


Since my monthly appointments and massages with you, I feel that all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place and I gain more insight into myself.

You help me on my journey to find myself.
Thanks for all the help!

—  Jirka

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