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Discover the power of a holistic lifestyle
Skincare - Soulcare


Your destination for total care and inner balance

Pure beauty shines from within. And you can see that from the outside!
Do you want to discover your unique inner beauty and let it bloom? 
You have come to the right place!

Discover my different holistic treatments and
take your inner well-being and balance to new heights. 
Immerse yourself in a haven
of peace and let your outer beauty blossom naturally.



Hi, I'm Daphné, your holistic therapist.
My personal mission is to reveal your true inner & outer beauty
so that you can shine like never before.

Discover exceptional therapeutic relaxation treatments
for your skin, body and mind.

Enjoy an invigorating facial treatment, a relaxing massage or
a healing reiki session.

Experience a unique approach with every treatment, thanks to a revitalizing combination of natural care products and ancient healing practices, such as reiki, Chinese facial diagnosis,
healing, gemstones, …  For an unforgettable experience
I combine the power of color light therapy with wonderful aromas.

Self-love is crucial to me because I believe that true care goes beyond appearance. It is essential that afterward, you can look at yourself in the mirror with joy, love and pride.

Holistic therapist Daphné

Discover the exceptional experiences

Whether you are struggling with skin problems, inner stress or are simply looking for a moment of pure relaxation,
at PURO you can always find a suitable treatment.

Discover the extensive range of treatments and experience an unforgettable moment. 

Get ready for an exciting journey of self-discovery and transformation,
while your skin, body and mind receive the most loving care.
At PURO everything is about you and your well-being.



Do you regularly suffer from skin problems? Do you long for a relaxing energetic facial experience?
Discover what your skin wants to tell you and let your inner light shine so that you radiate from the outside like never before.

Stenen vijzel en stamper


Treat yourself with the gift of care. Hit the pause button and leave the stress behind by giving yourself a wonderful moment of relaxation and well-being. Let go of all tension and return to the here and now.

Discover the magic of total care and inner balance for yourself. 

Come visit my haven of peace and experience it for yourself.

Book your memorable treatment today!


The PURO facial cups stimulate blood circulation,
remove toxines and moisture and make the skin shine again from within.


It is the perfect way to reduce your daily stress and tension.

Enjoy a healty glowing skin with the PURO facial cups.

PURO facial cupping set.jpg
holistisch therapeut reviews.jpg

Since my monthly appointments and massages with you, I feel that all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place and I gain more insight into myself.

You help me on my journey to find myself.
Thanks for all the help!

—  Jirka

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