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Feeling great starts with taking good care of yourself, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
During these workshops, I show you how to achieve this by setting up daily rituals in order for you to reconnect with yourself.

Discover here all the different workshops.
Those workshops are a great opportunity to (re)connect, to exchange and to experience whether it's with friends or total strangers. The workshops are almost in small groups of max. 6 persons.
Interested, but the dates don't suit you? Please feel free to contact me and we will find a suitable time together.

  • "Holistic skincare & soulcare"

Date: on request

This great workshop will teach you and give you tailored advices about your daily skincare ritual an how it contributes to your well-being.
By choosing this workshop, you'lll be able to start and end the day in the most beautiful way.
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