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Reiki is the Japanese word for life energy and brings your body and mind into a deep state of relaxation, which will then activate the body's self-healing capacity.

The energy always goes to the places your body and mind need.



How does a Reiki session work?
We all have a light within us, see it as our core.
However, in life we experience things that can cause trauma, fear, stress, etc. And these act as light blockers.

The less our light shines, the less we dare to be our Self in life.
This can cause possible health and/or mental issues : burnout, depression, restlessness, migraine, back pain, etc.

A Reiki treatment will help you remove the lightblockers one by one and will make sure that you can shine again and  feel energetic.


What can you expect?
A Reiki session is different for everyone and each treatment can have a different outcome.
During a treatment, you lie fully clothed on a massage table under a blanket and I calibrate the universal energy.

As I act as a channel, your energy will flow again.

After the reiki session:
Afterwards, people tend to feel lighter, more grounded and relaxed (both physically and mentally).

I personally advise you to take time for yourself after the treatment and drink enough water (no coffee and alcohol).

The benefits of this unique healing treatment:
- removes blockages
- helps you relax and reduce stress
- better sleep
- supports the healing of fears, traumas
- helps you get closer to your Self and gain insights
- reduces physical discomfort such as back pain, migraine,...
- greatly improves your immune system
- activates the self-healing capacity
- strengthens the connection with yourself and your intuition/gut feeling
- helps break old patterns that no longer serve you

A Reiki treatment takes approximately 60 minutes - € 65


The answer is within you

Reiki treatment
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