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Facial care is something wonderful...

A ritual of harmony, peace, relaxation and pleasure that makes you shine.

A radiant and glowing skin comes from within. The skin is a mirror of what is going on in your body and mind.

That's why my experiences go further than regular/traditional facial treatments.
We're looking at the deeper cause of skin problems so that we can heal these in the long term.

The experiences that I offer are based on ancient self-care rituals, self-love, Eastern wisdom, facial reflexology and are always tailored to what you need at that moment. These experiences are supplemented with a short reiki session and a healing color light therapy.

We honor the connection between your skin and soul by making your skincare routine a real selfcare ritual.

Holistic facial experiences are based on rest and deep relaxation. These experiences will calm your nervous system and put your mind and your body at ease. Your lymphatic system is stimulated in order to purify your inner energy and you can therefore let go of the stress.

With every facial experience, you also receive personal skincare & soulcare advices. Together we will discuss which products are necessary and best-suited for you in order to achieve a long-lasting skin improvement and a permanent well-being.


  • INNER & OUTER BEAUTY EXPERIENCE  - € 85  60 minutes
    Hit the pause button and enjoy a wonderful time for yourself.
    Calms your skin and mind thanks to relaxing massages of the face, head and hands so that all tensions drift away.

    Includes: double cleaning -  peeling - serum - massage - mask - day care
    For who: for anyone who wants to take a break every 2-3 months.


  • SOUL EXPERIENCE  - € 99 70 minutes
    Healing massages and relaxing scents will make you carry you away during this unique moment of relaxation.
    Let your stress, uncertainty and fear be replaced by your strength and your energy thanks to a combination of relaxing massages, wonderful scents and the true power of gemstones.
    Healing energetic care for inner peace

    Includes: double cleaning -  peeling - aroma - ampoule - massage - mask - day care
    For who: for anyone who needs deep rest, combined with intense care.


  • PURO EXPERIENCE - € 165   120 mins
    Immerse yourself in a haven of peace.
    Holistic self-care therapy that reconnects you with your deepest inner being. It opens the door to more self-love, strength and confidence. You, as well as your skin, will experience deep relaxation, allowing a natural and long-lasting skin improvement to take place.
    This unique experience combines various natural healing methods such as reiki, color light therapy, gemstones, cupping, natural aromas and inspired hands. This creates the perfect combination  and will let you experience a wonderful moment of zen.

    Includes: double cleansing - cupping - peeling - ampoule - gemstones - aroma - massage - mask - day care
    For who: for anyone who wants to hit the pause button, needs me-time and wants to slow down.
    The absolute perfect gift to yourself or a loved one.

"Beauty is being the best possible version
of yourself on the inside and out."

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