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This innovativeexfoliating glove is enriched with Activated Carbon, which is known for its deep cleansing and purifying effect. This two-sided Mitt offers a perfectly integrated body scrub thanks to the side with a refined grain structure and the side with a coarser structure.

Use the Mitt to remove dead skin cells including excess self-tanner residue, stimulate blood circulation and make your skin look fresh and radiant.

Exfoliating before tanning ensures that your complexion lasts longer!

Use for the body!

Exfoliating Mitt - Scrub Glove

  • Use on amoist skin in combination with your favorite bath or shower products using gentle circular movements. If desired, apply additional pressure to the areas where built-up self-tanner residue is visible.

    Stop if irritation occurs. Do not use on damaged or injured skin, or on the face.

    Rinse the Mitt after use and let it dry naturally. The amount of Carbon will gradually decrease, reducing the deep purifying quality.

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