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There is a positive atmosphere of peace and tranquility. There is space in your head and your heart is filled with love. A moment of security.



The candle is filled withrutilated quartz, black tourmaline and serpentine. A scented candle with a nice energy. The black tourmaline is a real home protector. It keeps negative energy out and converts it into positive energy. This positivity has an effect on people, animals and plants. The serpentine provides inner peace. It protects you and the people around you. Rutilated quartz is an uplifting stone. It creates sincerity and love. This stone improves mood.


Our candles are made of 100% rapeseed wax and have a burning time of 35 hours.


Fragrance: Perfume Havanna de Cuba
Top notes ; cinnamon & cumin
Heart notes ; lavender, sage & orange
Base; tonka bean, Cedarwood & tobacco

Gemstone scented candle Good vibes

  • Remove the large gemstones from the candle before lighting.
    It is possible that the gemstones will slide and block the wick. Or keep them to the side while burning.

    Always let the candle burn for at least 2 hours to prevent tunnel formation.

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