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LIVE COURSE:During 8 evenings I will take you on a... inner journey along your 7 main chakras. Every evening you learn more about a particular chakra, you learn to recognize and release your blockages, which themes belong to the chakra and which affirmations and gemstones you can use. Bite-sized and achievable tips to get closer to yourself and live from your purest being ensure a life full of self-love, self-knowledge, energy and color.


  • We meet once a month in the PURO practice – in the PURO living. We start at 7pm until +/- 9.30pm.


  • For whom: For all women who are interested in the chakras. No prior knowledge is necessary. I deliberately limit the group to a maximum of 4 participants!
  • Any questions? Contact me via
  • CANCELLATION CONDITIONS: You can cancel this course up to 7 days after purchase. The amount will be refunded within 30 days.

    Unfortunately, you can no longer register for this course. Keep an eye on the website for new dates.

The heart & soul journey

  • Day 1: Thursday October 12 '23
    Day 2: Thursday November 9 '23
    Day 3: Thursday December 14 '23
    Day 4: Thursday January 11 '24
    Day 5: Thursday February 8 '24
    Day 6: Thursday March 14 '24
    Day 7: Thursday April 11 '24
    Day 8: Wednesday May 8 '24

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