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During 8 evenings I will take you on an inner journey through your 7 main chakras.

Every evening you learn more about a particular chakra, you learn to recognize and release your blockages, which themes belong to the chakra and which affirmations and gemstones you can use.
Bite-sized and achievable tips to get closer to yourself and live from your purest being ensure a life full of self-love, self-knowledge, energy and color.

We meet once a month in the PURO practice – in the PURO living. We start at 7pm until +/- 9.30pm.

For whom:
For all women who are interested in the chakras. No prior knowledge is necessary. I deliberately limit the group to a maximum of 6 participants.

Would you like to pay monthly? No problem, you pay €37.50 monthly. Purchase 1 month now so that your registration is in order.

Any questions? Contact me via

You can cancel this course up to 7 days after purchase. The amount will be refunded within 30 days.

The heart & soul journey (pay monthly)

  • Day 1: Thursday October 12 '23
    Day 2: Thursday November 9 '23
    Day 3: Thursday December 14 '23
    Day 4: Thursday January 11 '24
    Day 5: Thursday February 8 '24
    Day 6: Thursday March 14 '24
    Day 7: Thursday April 11 '24
    Day 8: Wednesday May 8 '24

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