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I consciously chose to work with Sofri Energy Cosmetics. The unique product and treatment philosophy helps you achieve more beautiful, well-groomed skin and feel better. The holistic treatments and products work both on the skin and energetically.

Sofri uses the power of plant extracts and colors to improve your overall well-being. The care products contain plant extracts of the highest quality and natural organic substances that have been extracted using biotechnological methods. In this way the life force of nature and the sources of science are brought together.

This unique holistic treatment method is based on the ancient wisdom of the 7 colors of the chakras. 


All products are free from:

  • parabens

  • mineral oils or derivatives

  • microplastic

  • genetically modified material

  • animal cell material

  • largely biodegradable


Sofri respects nature and its energy sources. This means that no animal testing is carried out. 


Scents evoke memories, provide relaxation, stimulation and a feeling of happiness.

They caress the soul.

Natural essential oils always have an influence on the entire body. They support skin functions, activate our blood circulation, can detoxify the body and ensure physical and mental balance and a general feeling of well-being.

In combination with the Sofri color energy aromas, the care products penetrate easily and deeply into the skin, support the properties of that particular color and all have a certain effect on the skin, body and soul.

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